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ooooooooooooooook, i'm home, and that is definitly against my will. My vacation in Germany/italy/france with tim was absolutely amazing and full of activities which i will put behind a cut for the sake of your friends' pages. but i do have a question for all you girls....

Geeze, we did so much stuff i forget all the details of the beginnings of it all. 
When we first got over there, (we being me, my mom, and my sister) we were very stressed after a 9 hour flight and trying to figure out the 3 trains to get to the base. Everything was in german and it was all very intimidating at first. Tim met us at the hotel and just like that all the stress completely dissappeared with one hug.
The first few days we just hung out in germany. We went to this waterpark place which was pretty cool with some crazy slides that were a little dangerous lol. We ate at tim's favorite restaurant over there "Enzo's". The cook is a hoot lol. Yeah, we ate there like 4 nights in a row. During this time, the world cup was being played in Germany. I don't know how hyped up it got over here in the states but over there it was crazy. When germany won, the streets were filled with people running and screaming wearing flags and honking horns and such. What fun people. Other than that we just hung out, went to the mall, went to "soldier's lake" at night and stargazed. It was absolutely perfect. I loved being able to meet all his friends that i always see on the webcam and talk to sometimes. I used to not like some of them but now i really like almost all of them. I love being able to see where he goes everyday. Like when he used to say he went to the shoppette, i always wished i knew WHERE that was, and how he got there. You know, just to see where he's living and everything.
After the first week in Germany we took a flight to Rome. Rome was absolutely amazing. We did A LOT of sightseeing, too much actually. We went to the colloseum, the pantheon, vatican city, trevi fountain, you name it. Our hotel was gorgeous and for some reason they gave tim and i a free upgrade to the suite. We got really sick of tours because they were incredibly boring and not worth the money but wow, rome is an amazing city. I think Rome was my favorite place actually.
After 3 days in Rome we went to Venice. Our hotel was in St. Mark's square which was definitly a good pick. We of course played with the pidgeons for about an hour. That was probably the most fun we had..... until one shat on Tim, lmao. Our first night in Venice was the final night of the world cup. Italy vs. France. We were going to go find a restaurant to watch it at but we ended up just watching it in the room. I actually fell asleep but woke up to the screams from the winning penalty kick. We walked down to the square and the italians were going CRAZY. Some stripped down to speedos and jumped in the canals. Now if you've ever been to venice, canal water is pretty much equal to NYC sewage water... if not worse. The next day we took a gondola ride and did some shopping. They had amazing ice cream which we had on average of 3 times per day. Italian food is a lot different than american-italian food. We searched EVERYWHERE for feduccini alfredo lol. I bought a lot of murano glass and a mask :-) 
After venice we took the overnight train to Paris. The overnight train was pretty cool. We had a cabin with bunks and stuff. At first it was incredibly hot but once the train got going into the mountains it cooled down. I woke up at 2 AM to see my sister still standing in the hallway so i go out there and there is an incredible view of a big orange full moon over the mountains with a little village underneath. And i look down the hall and all the rest of the american kids in our car were chillin out there too, so we decided to play cards lol. 
Finally got to paris and checked into our hotel, which was also amazing. The pull out couch was a little uncomfortable and not to mention very squeaking so that wasnt really that great lol. But we took a bus tour of the city and saw everything we needed to see. We went to the notre dame cathedral. In there, they had a prayer book where you could write a prayer and they offered it at the mass or something, so i wrote "Give me the strength to say goodbye again, and may all our deployed soldiers come home safe to their families" so... if your soldier is deployed, he now has a prayer in the notre dame cathedral in france :-)
We went to the eiffel tower and took cute pictures :) and then Tim and I decided to go up it at night. It is SO MUCH TALLER than it looks. we bought tickets to go all the way up to the top but we decided that the 2nd floor was high enough. It was  beautiful at night. The next night we ate dinner at Altitude 95 on the eiffel tower, which was... interesting. I guess when you order duck as an appetizer... it comes out looking like spam, and is in paste form... weird. But the salmon was good lol
We layed under the eiffel tower at night which was amazing and beyond romantic. We also found a nice park to relax in on our last day there.
After paris it was back to germany. We went up to the lake and played catch, then to the movies, and then i baked his friend brownies for his birthday because he always used to eat the ones i would send tim in the mail. 
Tim had to work on monday and then he had a softball game that night. That was fun. THey lost because all their star players were out doing something but they're still in the championship so thats cool. I hung out and talked with some of his friends while he played.
We were going to try and stay up all night that night but tim fell asleep around 12:30. I didn't want to go to sleep because i knew that when i woke up, it would be time for me to go home. So he told me to just watch him sleep like his angel :-) (this was of course past the crying point of no return) The inevitable finally came and it was time to go to the train station....

So... it was terribly terribly hard to leave him at the train station. I think it was the worst goodbye yet. My mom had to pull me away from him because he was going to be late for PT. I broke free and ran to him walking away to give him another hug. I can't get this moment out of my head. It was all i thought about on the 9 hour plane ride home. For the first time, i saw a tear come out of Tim's eye. I think he was sort of upset that i wouldnt stop crying and saying "baby don't make me go" and all he could say was "what do you want me to do baby? you have to go...." Anyways, i finally let go and sat crying on a bench until my train came. On the plane home, i was thinking about everything. Everything we've been through and everything we plan to do together. We know we're getting married. Initially we were going to wait until he gets back from iraq. He thinks he's leaving next june for a year. So that would put it at june of 2008. But then i got to thinking about an idea i had come up with a while ago but dismissed it because it seemed crazy. To get married legally on paper when he comes home for christmas, move over there in january/february. (i would be graduating high school in december) and live with him there until he would deploy to iraq, when i would come home and go to college in the states. I haven't really seriously discussed this with Tim because i haven't talked to him since i got home, but i think he would be for it. He's more concerned about my parents. I'm sure my mother would agree to let me because she is the one who was always around us and sees how he takes care of me and is such a good guy. But my dad hasn't really seen him since before he went to basic so its sort of just like.... "my 17 y/o daughter is going to get married and go to germany?" I want to do this. I used to think i wanted the whole engagement for a year then a big wedding and such, but its really not in the cards, i can't be away from him this long anymore. If he's going to iraq next year, i want to be able to spend some time with him before he goes. And it's not all about just him, i loved being over there in germany and the atmosphere on base. I know some of you will probably say i'm too young to even consider doing this but... i need to be with him. Everytime gets harder to say goodbye. Any insights on the situation? I basically narrowed it down to 3 simple questions:

Am i crazy?
How long does it take for paperwork/housing and such to go through? If we got married in December would i be able to move over there in january/february? 
What would i do about a job? Seeing as i don't speak german, i would surely have to get one on base. Anyone have experience with this?

I really don't feel like putting all 404 pictures that i took on here but i did make a slideshow of them on my myspace. so check those out, some are pretty cool.

x-posted for more opinions :-)
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