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Newbie Info

Newbie Info
You and your Partner's Names: Danielle and Matt
Where are you from: San Diego
How old are you and your fiance/husband: I am 26 and Matt is 24
How long have you been engaged/married?: Technally he has not asked but we have only known each other for three months.
Suspected Wedding date or month: February 3, 2007
Quickly describe your ideal wedding: Small, family, no drama.
The Best and worst thing about marrying into the Military is: The best thing about the military is that you know your man is structured and he is protecting the freedom of others. He is my hero. It is a completely different way of life and him being gone alot.
Is your man currently deployed?: No, but he is on a work up for a month.

please feel free to add me as a friend... take care all.
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