KirasEndeavor (kirasendeavor) wrote in soldiergfs,

Worried: he's sick and overseas

Got to see him for the first time on a webcam the other day. I THOUGHT I would be so happy to see him... But he looked like he was going to die! I couldn't bare to look at him. He kept holding his head in his hands, and I kept asking him what was wrong, and he said he was dizzy and nauseous. I told him to go lay down. But he said no, he wanted to talk to me. I almost got off the computer with him, but I couldn't just do that to him. He said he was going to go to the doctor yesterday, and I haven't gotten a phonecall or anything. I hope he is okay. I'm literally worried sick. Know that knot you get in your stomach when you are worried about something? I feel totally horrible. I hope that no phonecall means he is getting his rest and it doesn't mean he got worse. I just want him home where I can look after him and take care of him. He said he wants to go active after his deployment if he doesn't get AGR (did I get that right?) I'm just worried because he is getting so beat up over there. He is always timidly telling me that he got hurt. Sorry for the long post, I would have put it under an LJ cut if I knew how. sorry girls. x-posted almost everywhere.
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