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Hey Ladies

So I can see while I was gone for a long time this community hasn't been very active :( Well I am back now so hopefully I can get it movin again. Our internet in Germany was a big mess so we basically have been with very little until now cause a neighbor that just moved in is letting us steal. We leave here in 6 days. I am so excited. Mike came back from a 15 month extended deployment in Febuarary. It's been a little bit of adjustment living together since half of our relationship has been away from each other. We go on PCS leave for 30 days before heading to Fort Eustis Virginia. Where rumor has it he may deploy for a 3rd time even though his dwell time is only 4 months!!! We are making some emails and calls to see what we can do. His other 2 deployments were back to back so this would be 3 in a row.. ruin my life. But thats Military life for ya. We got to see Toby Keith for free in concert he is soo good to Soldiers he always comes over here to Germany and performs for the troops and spouses who have just gotten back from deployments. We have also been getting some traveling in while here in Europe. We went to Ireland, Rome, Amsterdam, and Czech. Since he just got home and didn't have a passport in time we didn't have the chance to go to Paris. I am bummed. :( But oh well we can always come back when we are old or something lol. Alright well thats the update for now! I may post some pics of his homecoming and stuff later! Gotta go to the commissary for now!!

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