KirasEndeavor (kirasendeavor) wrote in soldiergfs,

New to the group!

Filling out the newbie form!

1) Hi! my name is Erin
2) His name is Darren
3) We are currently dating, but he said to me that he is going to propose to me in May. We are so bad at keeping things secret!
4) I'm 22, he is 23
5) I'm from Bergen County, NJ
6) He is in Iraq right now
7) Wow, this is a touchy subject... He is an ex, but we got back together. If you combine the time we have been together all together it has been several months.
8) No song yet, but there is this one song by Train that we both seem to like. "When I Look to the Sky" another one, by Train, "Get to Me." We always talk about that one on the phone, because we just want to be with each-other right now.

I really love my soldier. I can't wait to be his wife. May (his 2 week leave from Iraq) can't seem to come quickly enough. I'm really excited about something and thought I would share! I'm getting him this military ring for christmas. It's from Zales, it's a little pricey ($200) but I don't care, I would do anything for my baby. And it is absolutely gorgeous. It is Siladium (a better stainless steel) with an Onyx stone (around the onyx stone it says Unites States Army) , and it has an american flag with his name on one side, and on the other side, it is going to have the army insignia with the word courage written above it. And on the inside of the ring the inscription is going to read "I love my soldier" Just thought I would share. If anyone is interested in seeing the ring, just go to the zales website and search for "military" Thanks for reading! Glad to be part of the group, hope to talk to you all soon!
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