Harmony (melody1228) wrote in soldiergfs,

Pulling out my hair!

My husband is a reservist. Without giving away specifics, he's going overseas, and we're in the countdown.

But I am pulling out my hair! He can't get any answers about anything from his unit. Not specific dates about when he's leaving or even for mobilization. I have no idea how to give him some of his paycheck, but still have the majority deposited into our USA account so I can pay bills. How do I contact him while he's gone, especially if there's an emergency? What about my health insurance? It's through his civilian job -- will I be able to keep it while he's gone? If I get insurance through the army, will I be able to use my local doctors (the nearest military base is nearly two hours away).

I know that some details they keep close to the vest for security reasons. I can respect that. But I'm not counting months anymore. I'm counting weeks. My husband is leaving, which is stressful enough, as most of you know. But to not have any answers makes it scarier.

What do I do? Is there someone else in the military, not of his unit, that I could be asking?
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